Surviving the Tipping Point

Recognizing and navigating the make or break decision points on your way to middle market success

Every growing business will follow a path leading to predictable tipping points that will end in only three outcomes: future growth, plateau, or decline.

In this document I clarify how to locate where you are on the path, show you what tipping point lays ahead for you, and give you insights that will help you land successfully into a growing middle market business.

A useful 56-page guide to help you navigate the
Business Growth Cycle.

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“Adrian was indispensable. RoseRyan was experiencing significant change and dealing with disruption in the market when we engaged Adrian. We were fortunate to have his profound business acumen, strategic approach, coaching skills, and unique perspectives while we navigated a challenging period. His invaluable contributions went beyond expectation, as he played a pivotal role in formulating and executing a pragmatic strategic framework which remains a guiding force to this day.” – Kathy Ryan.

Over 30 years consulting with a wide cross section of businesses I’ve noticed the biggest danger to growth is
not knowing what you don’t know. That’s why I created this white paper.

In this document you will:

  1. Understand the business growth cycle that most owners are unaware exists
  2. Find the tools to know where you are in your cycle
  3. The pitfalls you’ll confront at each point
  4. The life changing tipping points that determine whether or not your company continues to grow
  5. How to recognize, prepare for, and navigate the tipping points so you can successfully become a middle market business.

“Adrian and the team came in at a time when the business had grown and continued to be growing very quickly to the extent it was almost getting out of control. They listened, looked and analyzed and then coached whereby we put in place structures and systems and had different people taking key responsibilities in a way whereby everyone was able to understand and stabilize the business in the right way thereby enabling controlled growth in the best possible way. A superb coach and friend. ” – Andrew Callen

Adrian gives very valuable and candid, advice without the fluff – a quality that is not easily found in SV.” – SM